Hampstead courtyard

As with so many urban gardens the design for this apartment courtyard in Hampstead had to overcome several problems – shading from nearby buildings and trees, traffic noise, lack of privacy to name a few.

As it was visible from all rooms of the flat it had to look pleasing from all angles and in all seasons, both night and day. The existing brickwork and paving were to be retained.
Our aim was a peaceful and calming space.

The design called for enclosure and privacy so we designed bespoke trellis and chose a mix of deciduous and evergreen shrubs extending the season of interest with Spring and Autumn flowering bulbs. We also specified irrigation to ensure the plants thrived despite the dry shade. A water feature was added to give a focal point to the view and also mask the traffic noise. Lighting was sparingly added to the key plants to bring the garden to life in the evenings.